Here’s your opportunity to offer something revolutionary that will make you money, offer your guests a reason to visit you, and bring new life to your bar and restaurant at an otherwise slow period for most restaurants. And it’s free for qualifying restaurant operators.

The product is a Dairy Blend that can be kept at room temperature for up to a year. Once the carton is opened, you do need to refrigerate the product, but until then, it can be stored at room temperature.

123Foodies Super Dairy Blends Versatility

123Foodies Super Dairy Blends are perfect for drinks, sweet breads and other baked goods, desserts and of course, ice cream and gelato. Just shake it and freeze it and it becomes a premium ice cream or gelato. But it’s also perfect for breakfast items like pancakes and waffles, as well as smoothies, and coffee drinks.

The product was developed for Popbar to replace the gelato they were using in their operations. But the product turned out to be extremely versatile, which is why it’s being offered as a totally new foodservice exclusive product.

123Foodies Beta Launch

123Foodies is starting a Beta Launch to allow a select few restaurant operators to try the product in their restaurants and bars for free. That’s right, it’s your opportunity to get free products during the trial (up to a month), plus free specialty menus, social media content, and business consulting. This is a fantastic opportunity to attract new customers with products that will bring in pure profits.

To get started, you’ll need to contact 123Foodies and see if you qualify. We’re looking for high volume independent restaurants that offer breakfast, lunch and dinner, along with bars and specialty bakeries looking to find ways to differentiate their business from anything on the market today.

To find out if you can take part in this limited offer, contact 123Foodies as soon as possible, as this offer will fill up fast. There are only 10 positions available, and once they’re filled, the offer is over.

Free Specialty Menus & Social Media

As part of this program 123Foodies is offering custom designed specialty menus and social media with your brand and logo on them for free. This includes design, menu descriptions, printing, and consulting to make sure what is being offered fits your restaurant.

Once the menus are set and the products are ready for trial, HotOperator will help set up a list of social media posts to use during the promotion. All we ask in return is that you answer a few questions about how the promotion was received, and how your guests liked the products.

See If You Qualify, Contact