123Foodies Super Dairy Blends are liquid dairy dessert bases.  These all natural shelf stable bases can make smoothies, milkshakes, coffee drinks, ice cream/soft serve, cocktails/mocktails, slushies, acai and more!

Super Dairy Blends

Super Dairy Blends are great for:

Breakfast Ideas

Quick Drinks


Bars & Nightclubs


Better Baked Goods

Gelato Soft Serve

In-House Ice Cream

123Foodies Super Dairy Blends are all about the Benefits


with a very long shelf life


or all baking, mixing, and freezing needs


store at room temperature


just shake, pour, and serve


reduce labor and waste


fantastic flavors created for your restaurant


create your own, unique recipes

Shelf Stable, All Natural, 3 Flavors

Super Dairy Blends come in three flavors: Vanilla, Neutral and Chocolate

These speed-scratch blends are perfect for today’s hottest (and frozen) foodservice menu trends.

The flavor is rich, smooth, creamy and delicious. Adding Super Dairy Blends to your favorite offerings will make your menu items more unique and desirable!

It’s an easy way to increase the value of your best sellers, and increase profits to your business.

100% Natural Ingredients that come from cows.

All recipes are formulated from chefs and food service experts.

The result is something that will revolutionize your business.

Try it!

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123Foodies Super Dairy Blends were created to support a successful foodservice operation.

Reuben and Jasmine BenJehuda have a background in foodservice with Popbar. Being in the ice cream business, they were always in need of freezer space. To fix that problem, they invented 123Foodies Super Dairy Blends to make a great tasting, shelf stable alternative to the gelato they were using. What they discovered is a versatile product that goes beyond gelato.

Reuben and Jasmine

Is This A Good Fit For Your Restaurant?