The trend in desserts for 2024 according to Datassential are globally inspired desserts. Frozen and frosty desserts in particular are growing in popularity. This includes after dinner drinks, ice creams, churros with frozen dips, pot de creme, mochi and halwa. A quarter of the population have said these types of dessert are extremely or very appealing.

Making Shared Desserts Easier

123 Foodies has taken these extremely appealing dessert ideas into consideration as options for restaurant operators. And because 123 Foodies Super Dairy Blends are shelf stable, they don’t take up room in your cooler or freezer. Take advantage of this trend, and make shared desserts to attract guests who are interested in having a shared experience in your restaurant.

Shared Dessert 1: Churros with Super Creamy Dip

This shared dessert would combine the popularity of churros with

Fried churros served alongside a creamy dip and fresh strawberries.a Super Dairy Blend dip, either chocolate, mango or even strawberry. Just blend the Super Dairy Blend with your exotic flavoring, set it in the freezer until it’s just set, and serve it with flash-fried churros.

Shared Dessert 2: Pots de Crème

Pots de crème translates from the French to “jars of cream,” but the Stylized dessert featuring whipped cream and undersells how tasty this chocolate pudding can be when made with Super Dairy Blends rather than cream and milk.
Just substitute it out with your regular recipe and you’ve got something your guests will love. Especially great for dipping fruit, and it’s perfect for catering.

Shared Dessert 3: Sloppy Sundae

Put Super Dairy Blends through your ice cream maker or soft serveVanilla ice cream sundae on a platter with rainbow sprinkles. machine and fill a boat with ice cream, top it with chocolate, caramel and strawberry sauce, whipped cream and serve it for parties of 2, 4 or 6. Girls night at your restaurant just took on a whole new ending! Take advantage of this shared dessert trend in your foodservice operation or catering service.

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