Christmas In JulyRestaurant Marketing Tips for the 2024 Holiday Season

Why Plan Early? Planning holiday marketing in the summer allows ample time to leverage both in-house and catering opportunities. Which is why we can up with Restaurant Marketing Tips for the 2024 Holiday Season

Catering is Thriving 

Catering is on the rise, it was projected to hit $72.67 billion by the end of 2023. The holiday season is a major contributor, with some restaurants seeing up to 49% of annual sales during this period.

Here are Restaurant Marketing Tips for the Holiday Season

  1. Decoration: Decorate both inside and outside to attract attention and create a festive atmosphere without overwhelming guests.
  2. Social Awareness: Promote catering options year-round, starting a strong push in early September. Use messages like, “The holiday season comes up fast. Will you be ready?” Begin decorating your social media before Thanksgiving to avoid early frustration from customers.
  3. Social Media Advertising: Create a calendar to promote catering options, gift cards, and special menus, ensuring consistent customer engagement.
  4. Special Menus: Offer seasonal meals, as guests expect them during the holidays. Even regular patrons appreciate having seasonal choices.
  5. Email Contact: Use your loyalty program’s email and text lists to send newsletters and updates, keeping your restaurant top-of-mind for customers.
  6. Dessert Menu: Ensure your dessert menu is ready, as 74% of consumers indulge more in sweets during the holidays. Offer warm desserts paired with gelato or ice cream to enhance holiday meals.
  7. Sweet Cream Cheese Bagel: Seen here, a cherry bagel spread with cream cheese and Super Dairy Blends Vanilla is absolutely delightful. You will have guests in absolute love with this new idea!
    Museum of Ice Cream New Ice Cream Bagel

    Museum of Ice Cream New Ice Cream Bagel

Planning ahead is crucial for a smooth holiday season. For more information about Super Dairy Blends and to get free samples, click the link.